If you're wondering why you haven't yet received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, a recent email from Microsoft, as spotted by ZDNet, has the answer. Hidden away in a footnote, Microsoft states that the Anniversary Update may take up to three months to reach all users, in what can only be described as a slow rollout.

Considering the Anniversary Update began rolling out via Windows Update on August 2nd, we're now a little over a month into the three month roll out. This means that some users could be waiting another two months to get their Anniversary Update through Microsoft's official update delivery channels.

Here in the TechSpot offices we have a number of devices that haven't received the Anniversary Update, and it seems as though newer PCs are being prioritized in the rollout.

Microsoft is taking its time rolling out the Anniversary Update so it can see what is working and what issues users are running in to. The idea here is that Microsoft can make tweaks to the update during the rollout and before issues can affect the entirety of the Windows user base. And we've already seen a number of issues with the Anniversary Update, including compatibility problems with webcams and McAfee software.

For those that desperately want the Anniversary Update on their devices, Microsoft does have an installation tool that will download and install the update for you. This could come in handy if you want to use some of the Anniversary Update's new features, such as extensions in Microsoft Edge, new inking tools, or the Bash shell.