Sony doesn't seem to understand the current smartphone market. The company's new Xperia XZ flagship will be hitting the United States on October 2nd for a whopping $699, which is a hefty price to pay considering stiff competition at the high end.

To put this in perspective, the Xperia XZ will be at least $100 more expensive than most other Android flagships on the market, such as the HTC 10 ($590), Galaxy S7 Edge ($610) and even Sony's other high-end phone, the Xperia X Performance ($580). The price seems even more ridiculous up against excellent cheaper options like the OnePlus 3 ($400) and Huawei P9 ($460).

In any case, the Xperia XZ will be hitting the United States with a Snapdragon 820 inside, a 5.2-inch 1080p display, and an updated 23-megapixel camera system with faster autofocus. Oddly, the US variant of the Xperia XZ will not include a fingerprint scanner.

Sony has also announced pricing for the Xperia X Compact, which is the company's 4.6-inch variant of the Xperia X. Available starting September 25th, the Xperia X Compact will set you back $499, which again seems slightly too expensive for the hardware you're getting. Like with the Xperia XZ, the X Compact will be available through Amazon, Best Buy, and a collection of other retailers.