Oculus finally shipped the consumer edition of its VR headset back in March, after several years of hype, tech demos and developer kits. But without dedicated motion controllers it was an incomplete experience compared to the HTC Vive. Today the company hopes to remedy that by officially launching the long-promised Touch controllers. As rumored, they'll cost $199 and will be arriving December 6, with pre-orders going live October 10.

The $199 price tag puts the combined Rift price at $798, matching the HTC Vive's $799 price tag with its bundled motion controllers. Sony's PlayStation VR launches next week for $400 for the headset or $500 bundled with the required camera and a pair of Move controllers.

The Touch comes with a second Oculus camera sensor bar, which is needed to avoid occlusion as you move the controllers around your body, and two games: VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken. Room-scale play --- which is a key selling point for the Vive --- will be possible with a third sensor which will retail for $79.

Aside from announcing the Touch controllers, Oculus showed a bunch of games that will be able to take advantage of them. Among them are Arktika.1, where you'll take the role of a mercenary set in a post-apocalyptic ice age, Killing Floor: Incursion where you'll shoot, stab and punch zombies, top-down shooter Landfall, among others.