Gamers wanting a dedicated server to play Battlefield 1 on PC will have to spend around $300 a year, according to an announcement on the Battlefield forums. PC gamers are also faced with higher costs than their console gaming counterparts.

EA DICE lists the cost for Battlefield 1 servers as $149.99 for 180 days, which equates to $304.15 over a full year. EA also has shorter plans available, such as 90 days for $99.99 and 30 days for $42.99, however value significantly drops off after the half-year mark. In contrast, console gamers will only have to fork out $99.99 for 180 days, or $202.76 for a full year.

Renting a Battlefield 1 server is not a requirement to play the game online. Gamers will have full access to EA's free servers, which host standard game modes and support up to 64 players. However, renting a server gives full access over the multiplayer experience, including what maps are played, what settings are implemented, and what modes are available.

With Battlefield 4, dedicated servers on PC were handled through third-party companies, and often cost in excess of $300. For some, having an EA-controlled server for Battlefield 1 will end up being cheaper than past options. EA says that restricting dedicated servers to in-house options was done to secure quality hardware and "give everyone the same uniform experience".

EA does state that they "might restrict number of game modes available at launch and gradually enable them based on feedback and other circumstances," however those who rent servers can expect more customization options "throughout 2016 and beyond".