Intel at the recent IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona unveiled a pair of new Atom processor lines - E3900 series and A3900 series - designed specifically for IoT and automotive applications, respectively.

Ken Caviasca, vice president in the Internet of Things Group and general manager of platform engineering and development at Intel Corporation, said the new E3900 chips are exceptionally capable of delivering on performance, processing and scalability with more than 1.7 times more computing power compared to the previous generation.

Built into a compact flip chip ball grid array (FCBGA) using a 14-nanometer process, the series uses Intel's ninth-gen graphics engine that improves 3D graphics performance by 2.9 times and can support up to three independent displays. Furthermore, the E3900 series utilizes four vector image processing units which afford better visibility, quality video in low light, noise reduction and color / detail preservation.

With more localized processing power, systems using the chips won't have to pipe all CPU-intensive tasks to data centers for processing.

Intel's new A3900 series, meanwhile, can be used to power a complete cockpit solution that includes in-vehicle infotainment systems, digital instrument clusters and even advanced driver assistance systems. Caviasca said Intel is currently sampling the A3900 series SoCs to customers with plans to make them available in the first quarter of next year.