Video-sharing website Vimeo is looking to take on the likes of Amazon, Netflix and YouTube with a consumer-facing subscription service of its own.

The Hollywood Reporter points to a recent shareholder letter from IAC CEO and interim Vimeo chief Joey Levin in which he pitches the idea for the service (Vimeo is one of the many companies IAC owns).

In the letter, Levin says Vimeo has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to, following in Netflix's footsteps, deliver compelling subscription viewing experiences for consumers in the market for pay TV.

The main differentiator between Vimeo and all others in the over-the-top market is that unlike others that have to start from scratch, Levin says they will begin with more than a billion monthly video views, 115 million videos available, 240 million monthly viewers and millions of customers that have already purchased content from a Vimeo creator on their platform.

Levin acknowledged that they'll face stiff competition but their reputation as a one-stop shop for creators to bypass the entire existing media infrastructure will allow them to stand out among the crowd.

What's more, unlike other platforms that focus on building celebrities and influencers, Vimeo has loads of behind-the-camera talent (emerging filmmakers, editors and directors) known for turning out top-notch content. One example is High Maintenance, a title that originated on Vimeo and was recently picked up by HBO.

The executive didn't provide any details as to how much its subscription service will cost or what all it'll include.

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