Google has announced a major update for Gmail's iOS app that finally brings it up to par with its Android counterpart in terms of functionality. The app also includes a fresh new look with bright colors that's more in line with the company's Material Design philosophy and sleeker transitions that result in Gmail feeling way more like a modern email app.

Headlining the features now available on Gmail for iOS is Undo Send, an option that slides up from the bottom of the screen after you've fired off an email, giving you a brief opportunity to take it back. The feature is useful for when you email the wrong person or want to fix an embarrassing typo that you noticed a bit too late --- this has been a part of Google's own Inbox app for iOS and Android but is not yet available on Gmail for Android.

Another long overdue feature ported over from Inbox and Gmail for Android is the ability to swipe left or right on a specific email to archive or delete it. The feature has become a staple of mobile email apps, although Google's implementation is more limited compared to some standalone mail clients, as you can only perform one action swiping either way (delete or archive) and there is no option to configure them individually.

Lastly, Google says the whole app should be faster but search in particular is getting an overhaul with an improved engine that will show you instant results as you type.

Aside from the biggest update for Gmail on iOS in four years, Google is also bringing a smaller update to the Calendar app for the iPhone. Changes include month view and week view in landscape mode, support for alternate calendars (such as Lunar, Islamic, Hindu, etc), and search for events, reminders and goals within Apple's Spotlight Search.