Despite Sony claiming that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro would offer the same multiplayer experience in games, recent Battlefield 1 performance testing has suggested the opposite.

Digital Foundry put Battlefield 1's multiplayer modes through a series of performance tests, discovering that the game runs 10-15 frames per second faster on the PlayStation 4 Pro than its slower sibling. The performance advantage to the PS4 Pro was 47 percent on average, resulting in minimum frame rates increasing from 32 to 47 FPS in some situations.

While the PS4 Pro didn't always achieve its 60 frames per second target, Digital Foundry said the game "offers more visual feedback and crisper response" on Sony's faster hardware. The difference was particularly noticeable in 64-player matches, where the weak hardware of the PlayStation 4 can struggle to keep up with the game.

A 10-15 FPS advantage may not seem like much, but when a game routinely runs below 60 FPS on a console, the extra frames provided by the PS4 Pro will deliver a smoother and more responsive experience. This could lead to a multiplayer advantage, as gamers using a PS4 Pro could find it easier to spot enemies and respond to threats.

The advantage won't be present for all gamers, particularly those who aren't very good at Battlefield 1 in the first place. But hardcore gamers might want to play on the PS4 Pro for the slight advantage its increased performance provides.