Plex is one of the most popular services for organizing and streaming your local media library to pretty much any device that has a screen or can hook up to one. While its probably mostly used for movie and TV show content, it’s an all encompassing solution that also covers audio and photos. The latter in particular is getting an overhaul in the latest update thanks to machine learning.

The company has announced a new feature called smart tagging that uses machine learning technology to identify subjects in a picture and tag them with relevant data. If the tech detects a dog in a photo, for example, it could tag that image with the words "dog" and "puppy."

The feature is becoming increasingly important to help users unearth specific snapshots as photo libraries are starting to become massive due to the proliferation of smartphones. Services like Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google Photos have been offering similar features for a little while now, but for a lot of people the appeal of Plex lies in that you don’t need to rely on someone else’s server to host your files (although that's an option too with the Plex Cloud beta and Plex Server hosted on Amazon Web Services).

Along with the new auto-tagging feature Plex has updated its web app's interface to be able to search tags and display related images. The process of importing photos into Plex is reportedly also receiving some major enhancements that will make it 300% faster.

The company is making this feature available exclusively to Plex Pass users which costs $4.99 a month.