One of the highlights of my youth was owning a go-kart. I was the envy of all the neighborhood kids but when my family relocated to an area that didn’t allow for such gas-powered fun, it was sold and replaced with a Power Wheels-style 3-wheeler.

Needless to say, going from a serious driving experience to second-hand electric toy wasn’t much fun. Had something like Fischer-Price’s new Ford Mustang GT Power Wheels been available, I suspect the transition wouldn't have been so bad.

The pint-sized Mustang GT is designed to hold up to two riders comfortably (recommended for ages 3-7) with a total weight limit of 130 pounds. The built-in sound system with touch screen display comes with a few pre-loaded songs and sound effects although kids can bring their own tunes via MP3 player. The display is also used to adjust speed settings (maximum of 5 mph forward, 2.5 mph reverse), view battery status and alert drivers when traction control or stability control kick in. Wait, what?

Indeed, the mini Mustang GT features a dynamic traction control system that adjusts the speed of the electric motors when it detects wheel spin as well as a stability control system that can turn the motors off to prevent rollovers at unsafe angles. There’s also Smooth Start Technology that enables smooth acceleration at lower speeds.

That’s some impressive technology for a toy of this caliber and should provide overly cautious parents peace of mind.

The Power Wheels Ford Mustang GT goes on sale next month priced at $360.