AOC has unveiled a new 25-inch gaming monitor that attempts to push refresh rates to their limits. The Agon AG251FZ is a TN LCD that supports FreeSync, with a variable refresh window from 48Hz up to a massive 240Hz.

Whether or not you'll be able to discern a difference between 240Hz and 144Hz - the most common refresh rate for fast gaming monitors - remains to be seen. The good news is that with a resolution of just 1920 x 1080, you shouldn't have too much trouble pushing games well above 100 Hz with a powerful gaming system.

The AG251FZ features a maximum brightness of 400 nits and a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. Unfortunately viewing angles aren't spectacular from this TN display at just 170/160° degrees, and color accuracy is limited due to 6-bit+FRC performance. Both issues shouldn't impact gamers significantly, as this monitor is designed specifically for fast refresh rates.

This display packs a stand with tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments, plus there's a folding arm on the right side that's a perfect headphone holder. Port-wise we're looking at two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA alongside a USB 3.0 hub and some audio jacks.

The AOC Agon AG251FZ will be available in January 2016 for $449.