To test and visualize how storage performance impacts the user experience in real world scenarios we have recorded how quickly our Core i7-6700K test system completes various tasks using Samsung's new 960 Evo 500GB SSD. Those findings will be compared with results from the Crucial MX300, an affordable TLC-based SATA SSD as well as a WD Red Pro 4TB mechanical hard drive.

We are putting away synthetic benchmarks such as CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD Benchmark in favor of real world scenarios. This is not meant to be an in-depth analysis (for that we recommend reading our full written reviews) but we have picked a few general use case scenarios that showcase the tangible difference in performance, for example: measuring Windows 10 boot time, how long it takes to load a game (Call of Duty, Civilization 6) and then continue to measure the time until you are in-game with the first mission or level loaded, file compression and decompression, and so on.

Results are pretty interesting and in this case, are enhanced by not just looking at them in a graph. Hope you enjoy the video Steve has put together for you.