Let's start with ATI who recently announced their All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro videocard, with the lack of a 9500 AIW, a mainstream VIVO model was certainly missing and now here you have it.

Abit showcased their SFF project called Digi Dice. This is a little bit larger then the other little boxes around, as you can put one AGP and two PCI cards inside.

Sony on Monday unveiled a plasma TV with built-in broadband networking that is linked to a Web pad-like remote control by wireless LAN technology.

Palm will most likely revamp its PDA line this October with a pair of Zires and what looks like the rumoured Tungsten T3... a Palm branded Treo is also rumoured.

Gateway released its first portable music player on Tuesday as it continues to expand into consumer electronics (looks a lot like Creative's MuVo, BTW).

HP has kicked off an aggressive Linux clustering campaign with a set of pre-configured hardware packages and a list of software that rivals anything another vendor can offer.