Uber has long since had a policy in place dictating what type of behavior will get a driver canned but that's only part of the equation. What about passengers? What antics cross the line and will get a rider banned from the service?

Uber recently addressed the void with an update to their Community Guidelines that now outline the general behavior expected from both driver and passenger.

The revised guidelines are a bit lengthy but it's the type of "common sense" stuff that most people already know and abide by - now in a written form. For example, riders are prohibited from damaging the personal property of a driver or fellow passenger.

What's more, Uber has a "no sex" rule meaning there's to be no physical contact between any members in an Uber (even flirting is prohibited). Uber also bans the use of inappropriate or abusive language, unwanted contact with a driver or fellow passenger after the trip is over, accommodating more riders than a vehicle has seat belts, speeding and using Uber to commit a crime.

The guidelines also state that bringing an open container of alcohol or drugs into an Uber is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, neither drivers nor passengers are allowed to carry a firearm, regardless of local laws or carry permits.

Again, the real goal here is to protect everyone involved - Uber, its drivers and passengers. Having everything spelled out in plain English ensures that ignorance of the rules can't be used against the service or its clients after the fact.