Leading up to the election, Mark Cuban had been very vocal about his disapproval of President-Elect Donald Trump. It appears he's put that all behind him in a request to Trump to focus on the robotics industry. Trump's campaign rhetoric was centered on making America great again, including being a leader in manufacturing. Cuban, the outspoken tech mogul and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has never been afraid to change sides if it means a good deal. Writing on his personal blog, Cuban wants to ensure that robotics is one of the areas that America leads in.

Donald Trump has proposed a $1 trillion spending plan to improve America's crumbling infrastructure. Trump has not laid out many specifics of this plan, but Cuban has implored him to spend $100 billion or 10% on robotics. Just like Trump wants to win at trade, Cuban clearly wants America to win the robotics race.

As part of the sweeping infrastructure improvements, Cuban's plan would invest in all facets of the industry from R&D to software and design. Citing examples like the electric car and solar industries, Cuban outlined how there are currently no major robotics companies based in the US.

After government subsidies helped boost those industries, America is now a leading manufacturer of solar panels and electric cars. European and Asian governments currently offer billions in credits to support robotics with China currently spends $3 billion a year while the US only spends $100 million.

Policies on robotics have been tough in the past because it undoubtedly means there will be job loss of some form or potentially so. Cuban's view is for infrastructure spending to look forwards, even if it means the short term loss of jobs. He believes winning the robotics race would mean success in the long term.