Sling TV arrived early last year as one of the better alternatives for cord-cutters at the time, with a $20 base plan that includes access to live and on-demand programing from various major networks --- notably including ESPN and ESPN2 --- and add-on channels ranging from $5 to $15. 

While the service has been available in several streaming boxes, now they're upping the ante with their own hardware, AirTV Player, which will combine Sling TV's streaming service with the ability to receive local TV channels over the air through a digital antenna and even third party services like Netflix. It's unclear, however, if content from the latter will be available within the same interface or if you'll have to launch the app separately --- this is the more likely scenario, since integration into a single UI would require Netflix's collaboration, which is something Apple hasn't been able to get for its TV app.

Rumors about the device have been popping up for a while but are now confirmed thanks to a landing page on Sling TV's website. The device appears to run Android, based on the "Google" button on its remote, so presumably it could run other Android TV apps.

There's no information regarding pricing and availability. A brief FAQ on the AirTV website explains the device requires no monthly fee or Sling TV subscription to use it. Sling TV's parent company, Dish, tends to have a major presence at CES so we can probably expect to hear more at the trade show next month.