Hoverboards, those poorly named toys that are more or less self-propelled skateboards, have become incredibly popular over the past couple of years and may have found even more success had it not been for a series of battery-related fires.

Using that same logic, YouTuber the Hacksmith (James Hobson) recently set about building a self-propelled snowboard that, unlike a traditional board, could be used on flat surfaces.

To generate thrust, the maker used a pair of EDFs (electric ducted fans) and loads of custom fabrication to get everything mounted in place. As you'll see, the first few runs weren't terribly successful but after making some adjustments including waxing the board, the Hacksmith was able to prove that the concept worked. Unfortunately, his snowboarding skills aren't all that great.

Nevertheless, the YouTuber vowed to revisit the project in the near future to see how fast, how far and how high he can go.

Not familiar with the Hacksmith? He recently posted a video detailing his journey of quitting his full-time job to focus on creating content on YouTube. It's an inspiring watch that proves anyone can be successful so long as you set your mind to it.

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