YouTube channel SiliconClassics recently published a video showcasing what appears to be the source code for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, a first-person shooter that missed the Nintendo 64's launch window by roughly six months.

The man in the video, a lawyer named Aaron, explains that he purchased a lot of old SGI Indy computers that came from the Acclaim Entertainment bankruptcy sale way back in 2004. The original buyer, described as a "Russian" in Brooklyn, reportedly stored the machines in a warehouse where they sat for more than a decade.

After buying the systems from the "tech reseller" last summer, Aaron is just now getting around to checking them out in detail. The first major find is what appears to be the source code for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

As a lawyer, Aaron made it clear that he will not be dumping the source code online as to not violate copyright law on a massive scale on the Internet. After all, Night Dive Studios recently remastered the game and is actively selling it on Steam.

That said, he will be auctioning off the machines on eBay under the first sale doctrine and thus, legally divesting himself of the machines. Any liability would then fall upon the new owner. This method, Aaron says, allows him to make a little money off the systems he bought and as an added bonus, he will be donating 20 percent of the haul to charity.

Auctions are expected to go live in the coming weeks and it's worth noting that there are files for several other games on the machines as well. This could be really interesting for the retro gaming scene depending upon who ends up buying the old computers.