WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that would allow users to edit or recall sent messages from the receiving party's phone as long as they're yet to be read. Originally spotted by @WABetainfo, the feature is reportedly hidden in the Android and iOS beta versions 2.16.399 and, respectively, and is available by long pressing a message and choosing the appropriate option from the overflow menu.

It's unclear if there will be a time limit for messages to be recalled/edited aside from the condition that the message hasn't been read yet, and whether it will work with contacts that have disabled read receipts. 

Currently, WhatsApp lets users delete messages on their own devices but the deleted messages remain visible to the recipient. WhatsApp hasn't officially announced the recall feature so it's unclear if or when it will make its way to the popular messaging app's stable release.

In addition to giving users more control over unread messages, WhatsApp is also testing a live location sharing feature in group chats so users to track the whereabouts of the group members. The tracking will be opt-in and can be kept for one, two, five minutes or indefinitely. The feature builds on WhatsApp's send your location feature, and while details are still scarce, it sounds similar to Apple's Find My Friends, and we assume WhatsApp will let you to specify which contacts or groups are able to see your location.