Nintendo recently held a press conference where they made a handful of big announcements. The first is that they have a new game product of some kind coming in 2004. Shacknews guys take a guess saying it could possibly be a long-awaited GameBoy Advance cell phone hybrid.

Speaking of which, Nintendo has put Gamecube's production on hold until later this year.

Graeme Devine has left id Software for Microsoft-owned Ensemble, the developers of the Age Of Empires series. Most recently Devine was working on Doom 3 for id, in roles ranging from project manager to designer to programmer.

Video Game Retail Advertising on the Rise - Retail advertisements for video games rose almost 77 percent in the second quarter over a year earlier, while ads for video game hardware rose 55 percent, according to research data released on Friday.

3DO Auction Bidding - Seven video game companies, including Microsoft Corp., Eidos Plc and Ubi Soft Entertainment, have qualified to bid in the auction for the assets of bankrupt publisher 3DO Co., according to court papers filed on Thursday.