The New York Times is turning to an unlikely partner in hopes of continuing the momentum generated during the most recent quarter, its fastest growing in years.

Up to this point, an All Access digital subscription to the Times would set you back $6.25 per week which works out to $25 a month. As part of its latest promotion, the publication is lowering the price to just $5 a week and including a subscription to Spotify's Premium tier at no extra charge.

Buyers will also get two complementary All Access subscriptions that they can hand over to whoever they'd like.

In reading the fine print, you'll see that a one-year commitment is required to score the deal after which time the price will jump back up to $6.25 weekly although you're under no obligation to stick around after a year. What's more, the two bonus subscriptions don't include Spotify Premium accounts and as is often the case, the offer is only being extended to newcomers.

Convincing people to pay for news in a day and age where up-to-the-minute updates are readily available for free online via multiple outlets may sound like a tough sell but the Times has been moderately successful as of late, adding 276,000 new digital subscribers in Q4 2016 - growth that was no doubt fueled by the tumultuous presidential election climate.

Recent issues regarding fake news may be another reason for people to consider a paid subscription from a reputable publication.

According to Bloomberg, the Times recently passed the three million paid print and digital subscriber threshold with a goal of reaching 10 million digital subscribers.

Image courtesy Oliver Morris, Getty Images