With a storyline that includes corporations harvesting our personal data, state surveillance, and the dangers of AI, Watchdogs 2 often touches on real-world scenarios. With the upcoming Human Conditions DLC, it covers some other recent tech issues: hospitals being hit with ransomware, and self-driving cars that prioritize one human life over another.

The add-on pack includes three new story missions – Bad Medicine, Caustic Progress, and Automata. The first of these, Bad Medicine, see protagonist Marcus Holloway on the trail of Russian Bratva mobsters who’ve infected Bay Area hospitals with ransomware. The malware hit medical centers in Wichita and Hollywood last year, and may have been behind the shutdown of computer systems at the MedStar hospital chain.

Fans of the first Watchdogs will be pleased to see the return of memorable, gun-for-hire sociopath Jordi Chin in this medical mission.

Another story mission, Automata, involves a twist on the self-driving car dilemma that asks if a vehicle should be programed to sacrifice its occupants to save a large number of lives. In Human Conditions, it’s discovered that the definitely-not-Google firm Nudle has implemented a biometric system in its autonomous cars that determines passengers’ ‘life scores,’ which are used to decide whose lives should be prioritized in the event of a crash.

Still no word yet on what you’ll be doing in Caustic Progress, but we do know the DLC also includes new co-op missions, enemies, and other extra additions to the game. Human Conditions hits the PC on March 23. Check out the video below to find out more.