Earlier this month, it was revealed that Facebook had started testing reactions in its messaging service, thereby introducing the closest thing to a dislike button we’re ever likely to see. Following a few weeks of testing in Vietnam, the Messenger reactions are now being rolled out worldwide, along with another familiar Facebook feature.

People will soon be able to use the reactions to respond to other Messenger users' posts in the same way they do in the News Feed. Anyone will be able to react to a photo or text with a love, smile, wow, sad, angry, thumbs-up, or thumbs-down emoji.

While the thumbs-down reaction does appear to be a dislike button, Facebook told TechCrunch it was called a “no” reaction. It explained that as people often use Messenger for coordinating logistics, it wanted to add easy ways to vote for or against a proposed plan - though it’s likely most people will just use it to dislike stuff.

The reactions appear at the bottom corner of a message, and, like Facebook, tapping on them will bring up a list showing how many people reacted and in what way. Additionally, even if you’ve got Messenger closed, you’ll receive a notification on your lock screen every time you receive a reaction.

Reactions aren’t the only Facebook feature being integrated into the wildly successful Messenger. You’ll now be able to tag people using mentions. Start typing after placing an @ symbol, and you’ll see a list of people in the chat. Selecting someone will send that person a special notification to let them know they’ve been called out.

The new Messenger features will be available worldwide over the next few days.