The fourth season of what is surely the best tech-based comedy ever (up there with the I.T. Crowd) will soon be here. Silicon Valley returns on April 23, and to get us ready for Richard, Erlich, Dinesh, Gilfoyle, and the others, HBO has released the official trailer for the show, along with some new poster art by Ghost World creator Daniel Clowes.

Following on from season three, which saw Jared secretly hire an Indian click farm, Erlich outbid Gavin Belson to buy Pied Piper, and Dinesh's video chat app suddenly become very popular, the new trailer suggests a turbulent future for Richard Hendricks, creator of the middle-out compression algorithm.

In addition to Erlich spelling out what 'Mansplaining' means to Monica and Laurie, we see Richard announce he is quitting Pied Piper (though he was about to be replaced), and decide he wants to create a new internet.

You may recognize the bearded character praising Richard's technology as Haley Joel Osment, he of The sixth sense/"I see dead people" fame. The actor has appeared in a number of TV roles recently, and plays an "in-demand tech whiz" in Silicon Valley, according to Entertainment Weekly.

T.J. Miller, who portrays Erlich Bachman so brilliantly on the show, has faced some off-screen problems during the last few months. He was arrested for battery in December after being accused of hitting a cab driver. The comedian and the driver, Wilson Deon Thomas III, were reportedly arguing about Donald Trump when Miller allegedly hit Thomas on the shoulder and head, forcing him to slam on the brakes and injure himself. Miller said the claims are part of a serial scammer's plan to extort him, and that it wasn't the first time Thomas had created a fake story in order to sue someone.