Sega Europe has announced the second of three planned games in the Total War: Warhammer series. Aptly named Total War: Warhammer II, the game will pit players against each other in a race to become the first to either save or destroy the Great Vortex.

Along the way, you'll build and expand your empire, develop cities, raise armies and fight "grand-scale" battles in the classic Total War style.

The campaign will play out across four new continents: Ulthuan, Naggaroth, The Southlands and Lustria. British video game developer Creative Assembly says there will also be a vast, combined map that covers the geographic areas of the first and second games.

Gamers can choose from four new playable races (High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen and another that hasn't yet been revealed), each with unique campaign mechanics and army rosters of Legendary Lords, Heroes, monsters, troops and siege weapons. Shortly after launch, an update will enable gamers to play through the campaign as any owned, playable race from the first title in the trilogy.

The first game in the series arrived less than a year ago on May 24, 2016, for Windows before finding its way to Linux in November. Game director Ian Roxburgh said the success of the first entry increased their ambition.

Total War: Warhammer II is set to arrive on PC sometime this year; unfortunately, a more specific launch window wasn't provided.