Just because a product is hugely successful, it doesn't mean there aren't problems with it. Like Google's Pixel phones, the Nintendo Switch is both popular and critically acclaimed, yet has suffered from its fair share of issues.

In addition to the lack of available units and Nintendo's claims that dead/stuck pixels aren't a defect, there have been numerous reports of problems with the left Joy-Con controller. Now, it seems there could be another manufacturing issue with certain Switch consoles, after some Reddit users found their handheld hybrids warping when docked for extended periods of gaming time.

User _NSR published a photo of their Switch that shows a clear curve in its body. They say it's been sat in its dock "Atop my receiver, out in the open" and "only about 8-inches off the ground."

"It does get very hot, considering how small the system is and it is outputting Breath of the Wild for long periods of time on a big screen, it may be too much for it to handle," wrote _NSR.

While there have been a number of reported incidents of Switch consoles overheating while docked, it seems the warping may only happen in rare circumstances, possibly the result of a battery problem or thermal expansion.

At least one other Redditor, Magnaha23, said they also experienced warping, though not to the same extent. "It's not super bad yet but it's definitely noticeable. I just wanted it to get taken care of before it got too bad or it became really damaged. The support person agreed with me on that point. Let's just say it could spin on my desk easily because it is not flat lol."

The majority of those on thread say they haven't experienced similar warping, despite using their consoles for long periods of time in the docked position, so this isn't likely to be a widespread issue. Anyone who feels their Switch is starting to bend should contact Nintendo.