Sony announced on Twitter earlier today that new versions of its lighter and slimmer PlayStation 4 game console packing larger 1TB hard drives will be hitting store shelves in North America this month.

The standard PlayStation 4 up to this point has shipped with a 500GB hard drive (the exception being special edition bundles which sometimes pack in more spacious drives). The faster PlayStation 4 Pro unveiled last September includes a larger 1TB drive.

A Sony representative confirmed to Polygon that 1TB will be the standard storage size of the PS4 in the US and Canada; they'll no longer be shipping 500GB units in these markets. Sony does, however, plan to continue to sell PS4s with 500GB hard drives in Latin America.

The PS4 slim 1TB units will retail for the same $299.99 as today's 500GB model.

Amazon is already taking the change into account by discounting its existing stock of 500GB units. As of writing, you can grab a 500GB slim for $254.96 - a savings of roughly $45.

The good news here is that you don't necessarily have to spring for an entirely new console to boost storage. In addition to support for external drives, Sony has made it relatively painless to swap out the PS4's internal hard drive for a model of your choosing (even a solid state drive for those interested in a speed bump).