Titanfall 2's next DLC, titled A Glitch in the Frontier, will be available April 25, according to GameStop. Respawn and EA announced the expansion today along with future plans for the game. The DLC will be free and will contain two new maps, a new faction, and tweaks to the user interface. Developers have also decided to bring back the Marked for Death mode from the original Titanfall.

One of the maps is called Deck and was specifically created for the Live Fire game mode, which was added to the game only last month.

The other arena is called Glitch and is based on "Captain Lastimosa's home planet of Harmony," GameSpot said.

The new faction is called MRVN. Not much information about the wing's history or role in the game has been revealed, but some speculation indicates that the group is somehow related to the MARVIN robot NPCs.

Check out the reveal trailer below to get a glimpse at some of the new content.

Marked for Death brings back the action from the first Titanfall where teams protect a designated squadmate while trying to kill the other team's targeted player. It is a race to 10 kills with marks chosen at random after each point is awarded.

Live Fire mode is also now available in private matches.

Additionally, Respawn is planning on releasing some paid content soon as well. Cosmetic options, new executions, and Prime Titans are all in the works. These should be coming within the next three months.

Due to a rocky start, the developers had a "free trial weekend" last month. It must have been a successful promotion because they are planning on having more free trials but did not reveal when. Despite not meeting sales goals, Titanfall 2, which we benchmarked when it released, is "healthy and growing," according to Respawn. However, sales have not yet guaranteed the green light for a Titanfall 3.