The late painter known for his “happy little trees” and soothing, calm voice is about to be granted godhood. Bob Ross, host of the long-running PBS series, The Joy of Painting, passed away in 1995 from lymphoma. However, he is being resurrected as a new playable god in the MOBA Smite.

Working closely with Twitch and the Bob Ross Estate, the developers behind Smite, Hi-Rez Studios created a skin for the playable character Sylvanus that features the laid back TV host. The skin does not turn Sylvanus into Ross, but rather adds Bob riding on his back. Hi-Rez showed off the patch on its Twitch channel, and if you fast-forward to the 45-minute mark, you can see Ross in action. They also created a spoofy little commercial for the bundle (seen below).

The skin comes with a few new powers. Bob’s attacks humorously take the form of flinging paint. The developers did not leave out special abilities either, which include deploying happy little trees and happy little clouds, and an ultimate that paints a portrait on the ground of Bob Ross against a nature landscape.

The skin is just one part of a bundle that includes a jump stamp, loading frame, and a voice pack featuring humorous Rossisms.

The Bob Ross Bundle will be available next week on May 9 for PC and a week later, May 16 on consoles. However, it is not free. According to Engadget, the package will sell for 700 gems (the in-game currency) or $9.99 on Twitch Commerce.

“Remember. There are no mistakes. Just happy little accidents.”