Just as the rumor mill suggested, Amazon on Tuesday unveiled a new version of its popular Echo home speaker. Known officially as the Echo Show, the device is identical to what leaked out ahead of time complete with touchscreen interface and Alexa voice calling. The future has arrived.

The Echo Show features the same basic Alexa-powered capabilities as the original Echo; the touchscreen, however, adds a whole new layer of capability as it provides a window to the outside world.

The possibilities here truly are endless but for now, Amazon boasts that you can use the display to view song lyrics, photos, weather forecasts, create and edit shopping and to-do lists, monitor security and baby cameras and of course, utilize Alexa to place and receive video calls.

The personal digital assistant packs in eight microphones, beam-forming technology and noise cancellation meaning it should be able to hear your voice from any direction - even when music is playing. A pair of speakers with Dolby technology handle audio reproduction duties.

Some criticized the look of the Echo Show when the leaked images hit the net. Whether or not the device is aesthetically pleasing will ultimately come down to personal preference but there's no denying that adding a display and video capabilities to Echo feels like a natural progression of the product line.

Amazon's Echo Show is available to pre-order today in your choice of black or white at a price of $229.99. It'll be released on June 28, 2017.