Twitter on Friday said that it was recently made aware of a security vulnerability that affected the Vine Archive and "had the potential" to expose the e-mail address or phone number associated with a user's account to third parties under certain circumstances.

The bug was immediately remedied and affected the archive for a period of less than 24 hours. The company's support team said it has already notified affected account holders meaning if you weren't notified, you most likely weren't impacted by the issue (or perhaps you don't have a verified e-mail address on file).

Twitter says there is currently no indication that any information potentially obtained as a result of the bug has been misused. Then again, unless it's a very targeted situation, I imagine it'd be difficult to track such activity.

The microblogging platform didn't specify exactly how the information was exposed although as TechCrunch highlights, the situation isn't really considered a hack or data breach. Instead, because the data was only available under certain circumstances, it's likely that it wasn't just sitting out in the open on a website. It's far more probable that someone would have had to go "hunting" for the data via technical means, perhaps by using an API or something.