'Front page of the internet' Reddit has long had a reputation for playing host to unsavory troll types. Back in 2015, Dan McComas and his partner Jessica Moreno left the company to form a gentler, less toxic platform - Imzy. But now, seven months since it opened to everyone, the "nicer Reddit" is shutting down.

In a blog post announcing the closure, McComas wrote that Imzy wasn't able to find its place in the market.

Some of you have been here since our launch into beta and some are brand new. We've loved getting to know all of you and seeing you build communities and make new friends. Unfortunately, we were not able to find our place in the market. We still feel that the internet deserves better and hope that we see more teams take on this challenge in the future.

Imzy worked in a similar way to Reddit, though it prioritized friendliness among its users - those that were unregistered couldn't leave comments - and was heavily moderated.

Imzy managed to raise $11 million in venture capital funding and boasted tens of thousands of users with more 6000 communities, but it wasn't enough to save the site, which will shut down on June 23.

TechCrunch reports that Imzy didn't use up all of the cash and that plenty still remains in the bank, suggesting the company has a new product lined up for the future that will, hopefully, prove more successful.

McComas says users' data is being protected; any export requests must be submitted by June 16, the same date that the site will become read-only.