With six teraflops of GPU processing power and a custom octa-core AMD CPU, Microsoft’s Xbox One X will be the most powerful game console to ever hit the market when it launches on November 7.

The Redmond-based company has previously said that all games they are launching in the Xbox One X time frame will run natively at 4K. While some titles were showcased at E3 last month, questions still remain as it pertains to the system’s raw gaming potential.

Now thanks to Digital Foundry, we’ve got a bit more insight into what the Xbox One X will be capable of… well, sort of.

As explained by Richard Leadbetter in the video above, Microsoft didn’t provide them with the numbers shown here. Instead, Digital Foundry sourced the data from developer contacts (and verified them) before publishing.

Although the games benchmarked here aren’t named, Leadbetter is able to make some educated guesses on what is what based on metrics like engine type, genre, target resolution and so on.

It’s worth noting that the titles shown in the video are early ports that haven’t been optimized for the Scorpio engine. As such, performance is likely to improve a bit before launch.

Those interested in digging deeper should certainly check out Leadbetter's full write-up over on Digital Foundry.

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