Since we were too lazy to keep you guys informed during the weekend, here you have a round-up of items from the past few days and a few brand new others:

Straight from our new Hot Deals forum (posted by LNCPapa): Best Buy has the Platinum for $199.99 with a $70 INSTANT REBATE, that makes your total $129.99 plus tax.

Apple's School Days Are Numbered - Mom and dad have spoken, and what they say is this: Why should my child work on a Mac in class when most people use PCs at home and in the office?

Linux will have 20% desktop market share by 2008? - Siemens Business Systems, after conducting an extensive survey on non-technical workers is predicting that the Linux desktop will capture 20% of the market for desktop computers in large enterprises within the next 5 years.

Gamespy has posted interviews with John Carmack (id software=Doom III talk) & Rick Johnson (Raven=Quake IV), worth a read for catching details on the upcoming games. CNN has also posted an editorial on Doom III.

Microsoft to release tiny XP service pack? - The rumour is that Microsoft has got into such a flap about the Blaster worm that it's readying a small service pack called SP1a for Windows XP, which might emerge within the next two weeks.

Sun's Gemini mixes old, new technologies - Sun Microsystems will come out with a new line of microprocessors for dense servers next year that will wed cutting-edge design concepts to a chip from the 1990s.