There's surely got to be a better way to illegally smuggle more than 100 iPhones through customs than strapping them to your body and hoping nobody will notice how strange that looks.

A woman in China recently passing through Shenzhen Louhu customs was pulled aside on her way back from Hong Kong due to her strange body proportions. Upon further inspection, authorities found the woman had four layers of iPhones strapped all the way around her torso and waist.

In total, she was carrying an incredible 102 iPhones and 15 luxury watches, tacking on more than 40 pounds to her relatively thin frame. Based on the images, it appears that most of the devices were of the iPhone 6 and newer family although there appear to be a few smaller models like the iPhone SE.

It's unclear if the woman was a lone wolf or operating as part of a larger smuggling ring.

Black market devices are apparently quite popular in China due to the additional cost that taxes and other levies introduce. According to Apple Insider, it's not uncommon for devices to sell for up to 30 percent above retail.

While pretty wild, this apparently isn't the record for the most phones caught by a smuggler. In 2015, a man was stopped and found to have 146 iPhones strapped to his person.