Apple is making it easier for developers to expedite the process of ironing out the kinks in their mobile apps before launching to the general public.

TestFlight, the name of Apple's beta testing program for developers, now accommodates up to 10,000 users. Up to this point, developers could invite a maximum of 2,000 people to try out their apps in beta.

Apple said the expansion will allow devs to gain even more valuable feedback.

If you've never taken part in TestFlight, the process is pretty painless as you only need to supply a developer with your e-mail address to gain access to their app. While the program is most often used for beta testing purposes, TestFlight can also grant members of the media early access to an app for the purpose of writing a review.

As a developer, one simply needs to upload a beta build of their app then use iTunes Connect to add the names and e-mail addresses of the people you'd like to test the app. Up to 25 members of a dev team can use the app with full access as an admin, app manager, developer or marketer. Each member can test an app across up to 30 devices on iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Up to 100 apps can be tested at a time, Apple says.