Thanks to smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, it's now possible to control most aspects of your home (including lighting, audio, TV and even online shopping) without lifting a finger.

But for drone start-up Aevena, the future of personal robot assistants isn't coming fast enough. Available for backing on Kickstarter, the company's flagship Aire drone boasts a pretty impressive set of features.

According to the Kickstarter page, the drone will be capable of autonomous flight, responding to certain voice-prompted commands and even some light security features thanks to the Aire's built-in, night vision-equipped 4K camera.

You can keep an eye on things while away from home by simply accessing the drone's app on your phone.

For more casual use of the drone's camera, you can command it to take pictures at will (or you can simply grab it and reposition it yourself). Once finished fiddling around with it, the Aire will automatically stabilize itself and continue flying (similar to what the original Lily would have been capable of had it not flopped).

The concept of a self-flying drone is nothing new but the combination of that technology with security features and Alexa skills certainly makes the Aire stand out from the crowd without being overly ambitious.

While the Aire team does have a working prototype, it's not perfect at the moment.

According to hands-on accounts, the Aire can be quite noisy when flying around the house. Apparently, the gadget emits sounds more akin to a vacuum cleaner than your standard drone - not exactly ideal for a device that's being marketed as a personal home assistant.

As interesting as the Aire might be, it's reasonable to be a bit skeptical of the project given the many other failed drone start-ups out there. Lily and Zano are two of the most popular examples, having raised millions during their respective crowdfunding campaigns.

Still, Aevena isn't asking for much at the moment – only $50,000 total – and it sounds like they have their ambitions in check compared to the many other failed drone projects. Only time will tell, however.

If you want to check out the project for yourself, visit the official Kickstarter page and give it a look. Aire backing pricing starts at $699 for a Beta model and $749 for a production unit when it ships out sometime in December 2018.