Look out Ring, there's a new competitor in town. Home automation specialist Nest at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday unveiled a handful of new products including its first-ever video doorbell.

The Nest Hello Doorbell features an HD camera that records 4:3 aspect ratio video. It's HDR-compatible for improved image quality and offers a 160-degree field of view. Other amenities include a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication, an LED ring to help with illumination, facial and people recognition and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connectivity.

Nest also announced a new family of home security products including the Nest Detect sensor, the NFC-powered Nest Tag key fob for disarming purposes and the Nest Guard, a puck-shaped hub with keypad that serves as the brains of the alarm. The system, collectively known as Nest Secure, will also offer optional 24/7 monitoring, we're told, and is compatible with the new Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera.

The Nest Hello Doorbell is set to land in early 2018 at an undisclosed cost. The Nest Secure starter pack, which includes the Nest Guard hub, two Nest Detect sensors and two Nest Tag key fobs, will set you back $499. A kit that also includes a Nest Cam Outdoor will be offered for $598. Additional Nest Detect sensors and Nest Tag key fobs can be added for $59 and $25 each, respectively.

Nest Secure can be pre-ordered beginning today and ships next month. The new Nest Cam IQ, meanwhile, will command $349 or $598 for a two-pack. Look for it to arrive in November.