Seeing flying cars in futuristic movies is nothing new. Boeing has set up a prize pool of $2 million for the GoFly Prize which challenges the public to design and build a personal flying device that is easy and safe to use while capable of flying at least 20 miles.

The personal flying device must have vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) abilities and must be able to be operated by users without extensive training. Entries are eligible now for the first round of competition. From there, 10 teams will be selected by GoFly to earn $20,000 in funding to continue their projects. The second round requires that teams build a prototype by February 2018 for demonstration of VTOL and safety.

After the February testing, four finalist teams will compete for a $1 million prize. Criteria for scoring includes size, weight, safety, noise emissions, and ease of use. The smallest and quietest prototype builds are eligible for $250,000 prizes. A $100,000 prize is also being offered for disruptive technologies that can provide industry benefits outside of the competition. Fortunately for teams that do not receive direct funding after each round, no teams are to be eliminated. All groups may compete at all stages of competition provided they can pay their own way.

The form factor of a personal flying device has no limitations for the competition. Jet packs, personal drones, helicopters, and any other type of flying device imaginable is eligible for entry provided it meets the classification of a personal flying device. Enter the competition here or feel free to just take a look at all of the finer details.