Is your camera roll filled with pictures of your junk? Whether you've decided to capture images of your nether regions for romantic, narcissistic, or comedic reasons, you'll probably want to avoid accidentally showing them to friends and family when trying to bring up a picture of your pet labradoodle.

Manually finding nudes, moving them to secure locations and deleting any from your camera roll/cloud backups is a laborious procedure. If only there were an app that could do all the work for you. Thankfully, there is; one that's appropriately named Nude: The Sexiest App Ever.

Nude's creators may have found one of the best uses ever for machine learning: finding your naked photos and locking them away. After installing the app, its algorithms can check your camera roll for what it believes are nudes, before moving them to a PIN-protected folder inside the application. After getting confirmation from the user, it will then delete the sensitive images from the camera roll and cloud, if that's where any backups are being stored.

The 2014 fappening incident, which saw intimate photos of many famous actresses stolen from their iCloud accounts and posted online, highlighted the potential dangers of storing compromising images on cloud services.

Nude's secure vault can also be used to store content other than people's genitals. Copies of driver's licenses, passports, IDs, and credits cards can also be safely kept here, though it doesn't appear that the algorithms will automatically detect and move these, too.

Another great feature is the way the app uses a device's front-facing camera to take a photo of anyone who tries to guess the vault's PIN and fails.

Nude is only available on iOS right now, though an Android version is in development. It costs $1 per month, or $10 for a year's subscription.