Nintendo quietly added wireless headphone support to the Switch with the 4.0.0 update. Its omission from the patch notes might indicate that the company is secretly developing a Switch branded set of cans.

Unfortunately, the support only covers models that use a USB dongle. Ironically, NintendoLife uncovered this tidbit of unannounced functionality using a set of PlayStation headphones.

Set up is simple. Plug the dongle for the headphones into one of the USB ports on the base station of the Switch. Then turn on the console and the headset. That's it. No settings to adjust, just plug and play.

When away from the base station, it requires that a USB to USB-C adapter be plugged into the Switch. Aside from that small caveat, the headset should work the same.

Firmware 4.0.0, which includes new profile icons, video capture and more, is available as of today.

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