Sony on Tuesday reported favorable fiscal second quarter earnings, due in part to solid sales of its PlayStation 4 console.

Sony said sales in its Game and Network Services division increased 35.4 percent year-over-year to 433.2 billion yen, or around $3.8 billion. As for the PS4 specifically, the company reportedly shipped 4.2 million consoles to retailers during the three-month period ending September 30. That's up from 3.3 million units in the previous quarter and brings the PS4's lifetime shipment total up to 67.5 million.

An increase in PS4 software sales and the impact of foreign exchange rates additionally contributed to the division's performance.

Sony also increased its estimated fiscal year PS4 shipments from 18 million to 19 million units and increased its dividend from 10 yen to 12.50 yen. Clearly, the company is expecting decent sales this holiday season.

Overall sales for Sony checked in at 2.06 trillion yen, or $18.2 billion, versus the 1.86 trillion yen that analysts were expecting. Operating profit, meanwhile, was 204 billion yen.

Share value in Sony is up nearly 12.5 percent as of writing.

Operating income for the year ending March 31 is now expected to be 630 billion yen. If that comes to fruition, I'd be the highest profit for the company since 1998 (the glory days of the original PlayStation) when it brought in 526 billion yen.