With the continued growth and integration of virtual reality applications, building useful programs takes time. In order to help reduce the work required to launch a 3D application, Google Poly allows content creators to share their work with others. Similar to Thingiverse, which offers plenty of projects that can be 3D printed, Poly aims to create a new platform for VR and AR-based projects.

A ready-made library full of 3D models can greatly expedite development of virtual reality tools. Google is encouraging creators to share work with a Creative Commons license to allow both personal and commercial use of submitted work. Use is freely permitted for the majority of content, provided the original author is given credit.

Google has created and uploaded several thousand objects to show off. One thing you won't see from Google is high detail models with lots of polygons. All of the original models uploaded are designed to be as lightweight as possible so that applications using them can run efficiently. Many tend to be leaning towards cartoon styling and are not aiming to be realistic.

As of now, there isn't an option for content creators to charge for their models. However, at the discretion of a creator, it is possible to use Poly only as a gallery. Disabling remixing of content prevents users from downloading models. It is unknown whether Google has any plans to allow paid content on Poly.

Image Credit: Poly by Google