Tech giants have a long history of coming up with ads that mock their rivals' products. Following last week's release of the iPhone X, Samsung has once again released an advertisement that lays into the Cupertino company. Titled Growing Up, it takes aim at several Apple handsets from over the last decade and includes a subtle dig at the iPhone X.

The story begins in 2007, when we see a young man buying his first iPhone. Three years later, he's struggling with the iPhone 3GS and its lack of storage space---while Apple has increased the capacity of its handsets over the years, it still doesn't offer expandable memory through microSIM cards like its competitors.

Skip to 2013 and an upgrade to the iPhone 5. Meeting a woman with a Galaxy Note 3, he comments on the large size of Samsung's phone, before looking on in envy as she uses her stylus to write down his number.

2015 brings more waiting in line, presumably for the iPhone 6s, while 2016 shows how well the Galaxy phones stand up to being dunked in water. After the pair fall off a dock, Samsung's device is fine, but the iPhone ends up in rice. While the iPhone 7 has an IP67 rating, it's only water-resistant---you wouldn't want to go swimming with it. Apple's controversial decision to remove the headphone jack is also highlighted.

As the ad reaches the present day, it's the Galaxy's Qi wireless charging support that finally leads our hero to make the switch to Samsung, following ten years of Apple disappointments. Not wanting to miss out on poking fun at the iPhone X, the last scene shows people queuing for the flagship device, one of whom is sporting a haircut resembling the handset's notch. The ad finishes with this advice: "Upgrade to Galaxy."

Samsung has a history of releasing ads mocking Apple and its fans, including one for the Galaxy S3 (below). Microsoft, meanwhile, continues to laugh at Apple's claim that the iPad Pro is a computer.