eBay is going after traditional retailers by directly comparing their prices and beating them. Kohl's, Macy's, JCPenny and Walmart are among the four retailers that eBay has singled out and tells you exactly which items can be had for better pricing.

Besides just beating pricing on select items, eBay is also offering a 20 percent promo code that is good for use on items from over 125 sellers. The promotional code PSHOPEARLY is good for up to a maximum of $50 off any item over $25 sold by a participating seller. Several of the sellers carry smartphones, 4K TVs, laptops and other high-end electronics. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 64GB of storage, for example, can be had for $599 as an unlocked phone after discount.

Unfortunately, now is still not a great time to be shopping for computer components. The components available with 20 percent off are not all that great of deals and are not any of the big name brands you are likely looking for. Specifically, DDR4 RAM is still over $150 for 16GB and the graphics cards available are still well above suggested retail prices.

The 20 percent off promotion is good from now until November 20. eBay is likely to offer more deals over the next two weeks so keep an eye out if there is something specific you are after.