No stranger to the online gaming community, Tencent has plans to make sure PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has a successful launch in China. After some Chinese gaming associations previously deemed the game inappropriate, Tencent has acquired exclusive rights from Blue Hole for the Chinese market.

In order to meet requirements set by Chinese regulators, Tencent will have to make significant modifications so that they are more in line with "socialist core values". To pass censorship laws and regulators, a greater emphasis will be placed on teamwork and promotion of fair competition. After facing backlash from Beijing for allowing young players to engage in fictional violence, Tencent will also be more careful about children playing PUBG.

Gamers in China may be pleased to hear that they will officially be allowed to play the game, but users in the rest of the world may be less than satisfied with the news. Cheating in PUBG is still a large issue with thousands of players being banned daily for violations. Many of the accounts being banned happen to be from China. Tencent has plans in place to attempt to combat cheating, but it could be quite some time before anything is actually implemented.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has risen quickly with over 10 million copies of the game sold. It may take time before it is ready to be played as an eSport, but undoubtedly the game will remain popular so long as some of the issues are worked out.