As cord cutting continues to grow, marketers will still need to make money. This results in more and more commercials being inserted into your content. Media server provider Plex has just added a new feature to their DVR aimed at removing these commercials entirely from the content you watch.

The new update was pushed out over the weekend but will still require you to manually enable it. The option is located under the settings menu and is called "Remove Commercials." There are some considerable issues with it though. Many users are reporting that it is very resource intensive, taking a long time to complete and causing very high CPU usage. For media servers running on older hardware, this many not be a viable option then.

The feature also permanently modifies the source file. This means that if the algorithm incorrectly classifies part of the actual show/movie as a commercial, it will be removed with no way of restoring it. This is only the case if the algorithm messes up, but given that it is brand new, this may be a potential issue for some. In order to access the new DVR feature, you will need a supported tuner or antenna and a Plex Pass subscription.