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Streaming companies could attract more users by bundling services, adding shopping discounts

Additional subscriptions to other streaming platforms is an appealing incentive
In brief: With the ever-increasing price of streaming services, have we reached a peak where the only way is down? A new study suggests there are methods of enticing consumers to sign up for even more subscriptions: include extras such as discounts, free products, and bundles.
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Disney+ is increasing its subscription price by 27%, will target password sharers

Its second price hike in less than 12 months
A hot potato: Do you enjoy watching the ad-free version of Disney+ so much that you'd be willing to pay more? It's a decision subscribers will soon have to make as the company is increasing the price of its popular service by 27%. It's also hiking the ad-free price of Hulu. If that's not bad enough, Disney revealed it is "actively exploring ways to address account sharing."