Smart home products are taking the world by storm. Amazon, for example, reportedly sold millions of Alexa-enabled devices over the recent holiday shopping weekend. Indeed, the era of the voice-activated virtual assistant has arrived and folks are looking to cash in.

Jim Beam, makers of bourbon whiskey by the same name, is one such example. The company on Wednesday announced “JIM,” a smart decanter that also serves as a virtual voice assistant. Voiced by seventh generation master distiller Fred Noe, the drinking accessory’s crowning achievement is its ability to pour a shot via voice command.

Imagine, dispensing bourbon without having to lift a finger. The future is now.

It’s worth noting that Jim Beam’s smart decanter is a temporary novelty. After about six months, its 3G capabilities will expire and it’ll “turn back into a regular decanter.”

Interested parties over the age of 21 can pre-order JIM over on Jim Beam’s website for $34.90. Delivery of the smart decanter is expected by December 15.

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