Uber and Alphabet's Waymo have been in court over alleged theft of trade secrets. Former staffer Richard Jacobs testified in San Francisco yesterday that Uber had a dedicated Marketplace Analytics team that existed "expressly for the purpose of acquiring trade secrets, codebase and competitive intelligence."

This new bombshell testimony has just caused the judge to delay the case until new allegations can be investigated. Waymo requested this delay so they could give their legal team time to look into whether or not Uber deliberately withheld evidence. The trial was set to begin on December 4th but the judge has called it a "huge injustice" given the new evidence.

Jacobs' testimony highlighted anonymous servers separated from Uber's main network which were designed to collect the trade secrets. Uber also allegedly had systems in place to automatically delete messages between employees and outside sources.

Jacobs went on to describe how Uber's security and legal personnel went to Pittsburgh to teach other employees about secure communications and how to avoid being caught.

The employees learned how to "impede, obstruct, or influence" ongoing legal investigations. To investigate this, the judge has requested a complete list from Uber of everyone that had a self-deleting messaging account like Wickr, Telegram, or Snapchat.